Photoshop Masking Service India, Bangladesh and Over the world

Photo represents many memorable incident of our life. To make it more memorable we have to make it gorgeous. Sometimes the image may contain some unwanted object and bad background. We have to remove the background for the better look of the image. The most widely used background remover service is clipping path provided by clipping path exclusive. When the image contains soft edge then by the clipping path service the background cannot be removed with 100% accuracy. If the image contained hair or other soft edge like it may contained fur then clipping path service with pen tools cannot decorate it with the accuracy. In this case for 100% accuracy of background removing with soft edge is advanced Photoshop mask. Advanced Photoshop mask service can remove the soft edge background without any harm of your main image. We the clipping path exclusive team always works at your service we ensure you that every image you send to us for editing we always try our level best to provide you the maximum service. We provide the advanced Photoshop masking service where the clipping path is not working.


When you have to use the advanced Photoshop masking service?

  1. If your image containing hair then you do not the efficiency with clipping path tools.
  2. If your image has fuzzy edge then Advanced Photoshop masking is for your image to remove background.
  3. In the case of transparent background like there is no separation between the image and background then with applying Photoshop masking service background can be removed properly.

In some case the advanced Photoshop masking is not applicable like when the image contain sharp edge then you don’t have to use advanced Photoshop mask here clipping path is appropriate. And when the background color and the object color is same and it is difficult to distinguished between the background and object color then you have to find the alternative.

Why you select us?

For the manual masking of your image there are two topics must have to consider which are focusing on the objects and the experience of this service. In some case many people contacts with us whom have an in house design studio. Our team is very well trained and dedicated to work and our target is customer satisfaction.


How we mask out the background from the complex image?

Although background removing from the image is main task but we have to consider the other part of the image for the background removing we study the mage. We apply different technique for different case. It depends upon the type of image edge, background color and so on. Our expert applies the multiple techniques to obtain the better result in background removing without any damage of the object. The expertise color separation gives the unique looks of the image and it can be done without any losing of the object details.

How we deal with the image that contains both fuzzy and sharp edge?

When an image contain both sharp and fuzzy edge then no one is perfect singly. That is the perfect result will not come with the Photoshop masking and clipping. But the combine operation gives the perfect result that is we have applied the Photoshop masking for the fuzzy edge and the clipping path for the sharp edge. And the resulting process gives a perfect cutout of the background for both fuzzy and sharp image parts. We can understand your expectation and we are always at your service, give a nice look of your image and make your memory more memorable. Thanks for being with us and thanks for reading this article.