Image Shadow Service

Photoshop shadow service, now a days, has become an inseparable instrument for editing photos and displaying products more attractively for commercial purposes. An unusual, raw or wild format photograph can be totally transformed into a professional one by adding shadows , effects and/or through creating its 3D effect. Therefore, creation of shadows in photographs for product display is crucially necessary issue today. On the other hand, photoshop shadow effects can also be used in model photography, group images, natural images , interior and exterior photographs for bringing their extra-ordinary look. Shadow effects like original shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow or drop shadows are used in clothing items ( Shirts, T-Shirts, Lingerie, underwear etc.), general product items (books, pens, mobiles, jewelries, flat items, rings, etc.

In fact, creating shadows in product involves some editing techniques like removing background of the product (by using clipping path or image masking), noise and distractions cleansing, bringing out best color through the use of color correction, enhancing and retouching the photos etc. At the end, in order to give the natural shape and gesture of the product, best shadowing strategy is applied. In most of the cases, natural shadow and perspective in images of the products are created through studio lighting. Customer demands for the best shadow effects and 3D look in images of their products. To maintain a balance, soft shadows are applied sometimes keeping natural shadows unchanged while removing the background of the products. More interestingly, this shadowing services on the products through photoshop editing can widely be used in making websites, e-commerce sites, product catalogues, brochures, digital media adds, printing media and magazine commercials etc.

Natural shadow

We are known with the word shadow. Normally we see an effect beside or behind of any creature or inanimate objects because of lighting source or sun, that effect called shadow. In computer graphics, a Natural shadow is a visual effect that made artificially under the object or beside it. All Operatives of Clipping Specialist have a wide range of experience doing image manipulation. Applying vast experience, CS creates the perfect Natural shadow shadow for your images that gives your product 100% natural and professional look.

Natural Shadow

Sometimes the background surface of some product does not reflect in bottom area. Or sometimes we need to natural shadow background from a product image. Therefore, the product looks unusual, unattractive and non-professional. At that case Photoshop drop shadow is to apply to make the product very attractive, professional and dynamic look. By adding drop shadow it’s become natural shadow so that the product looks more real.

Reflection shadow

Reflection shadow services transform image from the ordinary to extra-ordinary by “clipping path service idea” and we work proudly with some world’s leading publishers. The mirror effect and reflection shadow creates the illusion that the product featured in your image is not simply a disembodied picture. Shadow has four type, they are- drop shadow, soft shadow, Reflection shadow and original shadow. These shadows add a new dimension to your image.

Shadow Creation Service in Photoshop is an effect applied to the image to make it realistic and attractive. By the proper use of the scientific behavior of light we develop the image that brings 3D visualization thus increases acceptability of your product.

We give high-quality Shadow creation service towards your need. We complexity of the job has no adverse reflex we are always able to create the real charming show that brings you expected results.

How Shadow Service Benefits you?

Among many advantages of this service is an essential one, it turns the image to realistic. After removal of background your object looks ordinary in some cases the realistic appearance nearly zero. By taking this service you can have a real and eye-catching image.

Who can seek the Service?

  • Online marketing business
  • Advertising media business
  • Authors of web media
  • Involved in promotional activities
  • Product photography business
  • Any other visual expression
  • Printing media business
  • Product catalogs creators

Types of Shadow Creation services we offer :

Natural Shadow:

Natural or product shadow impacts an image more inviting.

Reflection Shadow:

The Reflection Shadow is found on countless professional in everywhere like, ads, websites etc. Reflection Shadow effect makes an object and/or text visualization as if sitting on a very glossy surface.

Adding this effect to your objects can make your designs looking ordinary to outstanding and interesting.


Drop Shadow Creation:

Drop shadow effect turns an object with a shadow that is usually seen next to it. In real life practice, dropping dark shape created by the metered use of light.

Retain The Original Shadow:

Due to photo shooting difficulties sometimes unfortunately dimmed shadow is captured. Consequently, the photo seems unrealistic. This is also resolved by retaining the original shadow in images which scientifically true.

Mirror Image Creation:

By the use of Mirror Image effect, you are able to turn the half of the image into a reflection to the opposite half as we see something in the mirror. This effect usually applied to may purposes especially in movie promo posters, covers of album etc.

Our Specialties:

  • High-quality image
  • Logical error-free and Scientifically true
  • Competitive rate
  • Group of experts
  • Proof option
  • On time and smooth delivery
  • 24X7 business hours & support

If you are looking for drop shadow service by the genius equipped with knowledge of arts and technology, just express your wish. We complete dedication that will satisfy you with the finished job done by us.